You have found my photo collection of our most recent trip to Colorado. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full-size photograph. Looks nicest with Netscape, next nicest with Internet Explorer, and is not even visible with Opera. There will eventually be about fifty pictures, so check back again later.

File Size Thumbnails Description
73k Thumbnail of group lesson This was where Lily did her ensemble work. They reahearsed the Brahms Hungarian Dance #4. The teacher is seated in the middle.
91k Thumbnail of Scottish fiddle class Lily's Scottish fiddle class was in the school library.
66k Thumbnail of Scottish Fiddle teacher The Scottish fiddle teacher kept the kids enthralled with stories.
69k Thumbnail of Lily practicing After working hard all day, Lily had to come back the the inn and practice, practice, practice. No time for fun and games.
125K Thumbnail of Lily at Estes Park Lily at the river outside the visitor center in Estes Park, Colorado.
187K Thumbnail of first scenic view The view of the Rockies from the road. This is the first scenic stop on the road from Estes Park into Colorado National Park. Beaver Meadow, in the foreground, was formed by glaciers.
57k Thumbnail of looking at the map Looking at the map, instead of the scenery. (Colorado)
66k Thumbnail of Jeri and Lily, resting Jeri and Lily, resting by the roadside, with a nice view of the mountains behind. (Colorado)
122k Thumbnail of chipmunk There were plenty of these little beggars everywhere we went in the Rockies. They would climb all over you if you let them.
75k Thumbnail of bird These little robbers followed us everywhere, too. They fought with the abovementioned vermin in a war that has raged for 65 millions years.
207k Thumbnail of mountain sillhuoette More mountainside. There were a surprising number of these mountains around here. Kept running into them.